Why fast payment matters

“What happens when we can send each other money cheaply, instantly, and anywhere in the world? What happens when decentralized networks and smart contracts eliminate scores of middlemen, reduce the the cost of doing business, and bridge regional markets? What happens when the very idea of money, value, and payments is flipped on its head and left to the devices and imaginations of enterprising entrepreneurs, community leaders, and artists—suddenly empowered by a platform that’s open, agnostic, and inclusive? What happens when the overlooked finally have a chance to participate?”

Really great blog post on why payments matter, on why we should never settle for a financial system that is “good enough” and that we should embrace the possibilities a better, faster, and cheaper system can give us. This is why I feel that we who work as technology providers should keep an active role in providing these opportunities, and look not only to improve our exisiting systems and services, but also be willing to experiment and innovate with new solutions.


Read the blog post here: https://ripple.com/insights/why-payments-matter/

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